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Including the neighborhoods Buena Park, Margate Park, and Sheridan Park, Chicago´s Uptown can be found between Irving Park Road, Foster Avenue, Clark Avenue and Lake Michigan.  With a long history as an entertainment center the Aragon Ballroom located in Uptown, once hosted Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, and Gloria Swanson.  Uptown has easy access to Lake Shore Drive and Lincoln Park, with stretches of parks and beaches along Lake Michigan.  Home to Green Mill, the speakeasy of Al Capone, is a great destination for jazz musicians and jazz lovers. 





Following the decline after World War II, renovations turned Uptown into an area with many bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, and specialty shops.   The housing in this area is converted spacious mansions and apartment buildings and in the last 20 years these buildings have been renovated and restored by people intent on saving the heritage of this neighborhood.  Uptown in growing in popularity but despite this, affordable properties can still be found.

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