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Characterized by large bungalow homes and historical boulevards, Logan Square is a community with a diverse population consisting of Latinos and Eastern Europeans. Logan Square is also home to a younger crowd, primarily white, college educated artists and professionals. Many people who live here are attracted to the diversity and bohemian lifestyle. Logan Boulevard is lined with elaborate, expensive houses while the rest of the community has relatively inexpensive housing and rents and is a favorite for students and working class citizens. The Illinois Centennial Memorial Column, built in 1918, is in the center of the square, which is created from the intersection of Kedzie and Logan Boulevards and Milwaukee Avenue. This circular green space and column commemorate the 100th anniversary of when Illinois became a state.



Bucktown, a neighborhood within Logan Square, has origins rooted in the Polish working class but also including backgrounds in German, European Jews, Mexican, and Puerto Rican origins. Bucktown has a growing artist and young professional community. Older housing has been torn down and replaced with newer, larger homes. There are many bars and restaurants in this area as well as a significant amount of shopping.

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